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How does it work?

What's in the box?

Tea & Book Club:

(1)  A surprise vintage paperback
(2)  Four luxury tea pyramids
(3) Some beautiful Bookishly stationery

Coffee & Book Club:
(1) A surprise vintage paperback
(2) 75 grams (about 4-5 cups) of luxury medium ground coffee

The Books

Genuinely vintage* and genuinely likely to make you look urbane and sophisticated while reading on the bus/tube/unicycle. Lucky-dip on romance, crime, thrillers, literary classics, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy and even non-fiction.

The Tea

Our teas are carefully selected (and taste-tested) here at Bookishly Towers. You'll get a surprise set of four ready-to-brew pyramids from our lovely partners at Jenier World of Teas, who are real experts. We know you'll love their tea.

The Stationery

The stationery part of the package will consist of a bookmark and either a little A6 notebook (reading log perhaps?) or a pack of three greetings cards. You can have a look at the sorts of greetings cards in our range by clicking here .

The Coffee

Our coffee comes from our local friends at Perkulatte. It's freshly roasted and they have a new one each month for us. Try coffee from around the world!


Boxes will be posted once a month after the 22nd via Royal Mail. They are designed to fit through normal-sized letter boxes and we ship internationally. International shipping outside the UK is £3 per month.

Gift Packages

To purchase as a gift choose one of our packages under the 'Buy a Gift Package' header. This will take you to our main site www.bookishly.co.uk to make a one-off payment for a bundle of months. A welcome pack will be sent straight away to the address you give us (yours or the gift recipient's) which is the first month's box, plus instructions on how to sign up for the remaining parcels. For more information on the gift packages please visit our FAQ : http://www.bookishly.co.uk/pages/subscription-faq

Recurring Payments

If you choose a monthly subscription you will pay for your first box when you order and it will be shipped between the 22nd and 26th of the month. You'll then be billed on the 8th of each following month. If you miss the shipping date for a particular month, for example, by ordering on the 28th September, then the first parcel you will get is October's, and then you won't be billed until the 8th of the month following, in this case, the 8th November. Remember; boxes are always shipped around the 22nd-26th of the month, regardless of when in the month you place your order. To make changes you can log into this site and manage your account.


"I am now reading “The Island of Adventure”, which I am really enjoying and will be passing along to my twin nine year old sons when I am finished. I love old mysteries and children’s books, but have never heard of this series! .... The last batch of tea was great and gone! Thanks for such a fun subscription box!"

"Great! The tea is wonderful (and came in a sealable bag!) I had a cup right after opening and it was fresh and high quality....Excited to see what's in the next two packages!"

"I bought this as a birthday present for a friend who loves all three of these things so finding them combined was fabulous. She loved it and can't wait for her first delivery. Fantastic idea!"

"This was incredible! Came quickly, wrapped amazingly and everything was perfect, including delicious tea!"

* you won't be the first person to read the book, so don't worry if it shows signs of wear.