Tea & Vintage Book Club

A surprise vintage paperback, packet of luxury tea pyramids and some beautiful Bookishly stationery.

Coffee & Vintage Book Club

Prefer coffee? Here's a vintage paperback and pack of freshly roasted ground coffee from our friends at Perkulatte.

Classic of the Month Club

Prefer the new-book smell? These classics are wrapped in our beautiful exclusive dust jackets and come with a pack of yummy Jenier tea.

A selection of book club subscriptions curated by us!

Find your perfect one.

Bookishly is the home of the original Tea & Book Club, followed closely by the ever popular Coffee & Book Club. These original subscriptions feature beautiful vintage paperbacks and carefully selected tea or coffee.

We're soon adding a package that includes a classic novel with a beautifully designed exclusive dust jacket and a packet of tea from our friends at Jenier teas.