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When you sign up for Bookishly's Tea & Book Club , every month you will receive a surprise vintage paperback, four bags of gourmet tea and some delightful Bookishly stationery.  An oasis of calm through the letterbox, wherever you are in the world!

By popular demand we also now have a Coffee & Book Club . Freshly roasted medium ground coffee and one of our lovely vintage books.  Click 'subscribe' to find out more!

Vintage Book

Surprise yourself.
When was the last time you read out of your comfort zone? If you're anything like us, that'd be never.


Time for a brew?
Our teas are carefully-sourced and super-fancy-pants from the experts at Jenier World of Teas. Tried and tested at Bookishly HQ!


Inspire envy.
Whether you're writing your screenplay or your shopping list, do it in style with Bookishly. UK designed and produced.