Classic or vintage books with tea or coffee and perhaps some Bookishly stationery to go with it. 

Tea & Vintage Book Club

A surprise vintage paperback, packet of luxury tea pyramids and some beautiful Bookishly stationery. From £13 per month. 

Coffee & Vintage Book Club

Prefer coffee? Here's a vintage paperback and pack of freshly roasted ground coffee from our friends at Perkulatte. From £10 per month.

Classic of the Month Club

Prefer the new-book smell? These classics are wrapped in our beautiful exclusive dust jackets and come with a pack of yummy Jenier tea. From £16 per month. 

A selection of book club subscriptions curated by us!

Find your perfect one.

Bookishly is the home of the original Tea & Book Club, followed closely by the ever popular Coffee & Book Club. These original subscriptions feature beautiful vintage paperbacks and carefully selected tea or coffee.

Our newest subscription is a package that includes a classic novel with a beautifully designed exclusive dust jacket and a packet of tea from our friends at Jenier teas.

If you're finding it hard to decide which subscription your friend would like most then you can get them gift vouchers instead!