What's Inside?

Vintage books, new books, tea, coffee... Here's everything you need to know about what's inside your little parcel of happy post!

The Books

The Vintage Books

We sort through thousands of beautiful old books each month. They're genuinely vintage and sure to look wonderful on any bookshelf. Lucky dip on crime, young adult, thrillers, literary classics, romance, sci-fi, fantasy and even non-fiction.

The New Books 

Wordsworth classic editions wrapped in our beautiful, exclusive dust jackets. All of our book covers are designed inhouse and make wonderful collector's items. 

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The Cuppa

The Coffee

Freshly roasted ground coffee from our local expert partners at Perkulatte. Each packet makes between four to five cups.

The Tea

Carefully selected and taste tested. Each packet contains four luxury tea pyramids from our lovely, expert partners at Jenier World of Teas

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How It Works!


Vintage books or new, tea or coffee... Pick whatever suits you! There's a subscription for every kind of book lover. 


We select, package and ship out your parcel every month! A literary parcel of happy post straight to your door. What could be better?


What's better than cosying up with a great book whilst enjoying a delicious hot drink? Sounds pretty perfect to us!