Frequently Asked Questions

It’s worth noting that we have two systems for subscriptions running side by side. We have this site, which can take recurring payments and allows you to login and manage your details yourself (or we can help out if you prefer!). We also have sets of months available as non-recurring payments on our main website as well as and Customers buying or receiving subscriptions from those sites will have a welcome pack and signup code and don’t need to use this site at all. There’s more info about all that here: Sorry it’s a bit confusing, but it allows us to reach as many book lovers as possible by having lots of different options!

What are the Bookishly Book Clubs?

The Bookishly Book Clubs are a set of subscriptions containing classic or vintage books, and coffee or tea. There’s even one with some beautiful Bookishly stationery in it too! For further information here’s the product options: 

How much does a Bookishly subscription cost?

Our subscriptions range from £10-£16 per month, you can purchase either a month to month subscription or pre-pay for a set number of months up to 12 months. For further information please 

How much is shipping?

If you’re in the UK then shipping is free!  If you’re outside the UK then we have a low flat shipping rate of £3 per month. Example: a 3 month coffee + vintage book subscription would be £30 + £9 shipping.

Where is my parcel?

If you’ve had your shipping confirmation email then it’s on the way! In the UK it should take about 2-3 days with the Royal Mail. The parcel fits through most letter boxes but not all of them, so it might be at the sorting office. They should leave a card for you but sometimes they don’t.

Internationally, parcels will take a little longer. Perhaps 7-14 days. If there are customs issues then it can even be a little longer. Your package will be with your local postal service.
If you think your parcel is taking too long, drop us an email on with your details and subscription number and we will look into it for you. It’s not a tracked service but we find it to be very reliable.

Our subscription schedule

Your first parcel will be posted out within 2-3 days of you placing the order 

Renewals occur on the 8th of the month and parcels ship according to this schedule:- subs containing TEA ship on the 14th of the month and parcels containing COFFEE ship on the 20th of the month. - if you have signed up for the first time during the 10 days prior to the next renewal on the 8th of the month, then you won’t be charged again until the month after. 

If you have chosen a recurring pre-pay schedule, then you will be charged for the chosen number of months, and then the same number of months will be charged again at the end of the period. For example if you bought 6 months in January, you will be charged for another 6 months on the 8th of July. You can set these pre-pay bundles to not recur if you prefer.


I signed up for the Classic of the Month Club (tea) on the 30th of September.  

You will be charged for your first parcel immediately and it will be posted within a few days, that’s your October parcel. You will be charged again on the 8th of November and the second parcel will be posted on the 14th of November.

I signed up for the Coffee and Vintage Book Club on the 15th of July. 

You will be charged for your first parcel immediately and it will be posted within a few days, and you will next be charged on the 8th of August. Your second parcel will then ship on the 20th of August. 

Can I review your box for my blog?

We like working with bloggers and instagrammers but we get lots of requests so we're kinda picky now! We have a form for bloggers over on our sister site here:  

Are you ready to join your Bookishly Book Club?

If you have any more questions do let us know on Otherwise, let's go!